Xternity and Polygon revolutionize Multiplayer Web3 gaming with Solana migration

oSEthereum layer-2 scaling solution Polygon has joined hands with Xternity, a Web3 gaming development platform, to migrate the multiplayer Web3 game Synergy Land to the Polygon network from Solana.

Polygon to Solana Migration

Solana to Polygon migration
Solana, as a blockchain platform, focuses primarily on scalability and cost-cutting, while Polygon allows for seamless interaction with the Ethereum ecosystem. To help transfer Synergy Land’s resources onto the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain, Xternity proposed a process via its network migration tool that can be used to migrate games or projects across chains.

The Solana network has recently experienced a series of network outages, in addition to taking a major hit from the FTX debacle.

The migration process involves linking a users’ Solana-compatible wallet, such as Phantom, burning their assets on Solana, and recreating them on Polygon. With its migration to Polygon, Synergy Land aims to onboard Web2 users into Web3 without losing the original community. Web3 projects that opt for EVM migration often seek a more extensive user base, greater functionality and credibility of the Ethereum blockchain.

Following this move, all of Synergy land’s resources must now be transferred to the EVM Chain.

Speaking about Xternity’s goal to accelerate Web3 game development, co-founder and CEO Sagi Maman stated that “both players and developers should have the option to choose their own blockchain ecosystems.”

The migration of Synergy Land to the Polygon network is a big step forward for the Web3 gaming industry. The partnership between Polygon and Xternity is a testament to the growing interest and importance of Web3 gaming in the blockchain space.

Also, this is the only the beginning of the relationship between Polygon and Externity. They have more integrations planned down the road.

Polygon Hard Fork

Polygon hard fork is upcoming January 17th
Additionally, on Jan. 17, the Polygon proof-of-stake chain is scheduled for a hard fork at block 38,189,056.

The upgrade, approved by 87% of the 15 voters of the Polygon Governance Team, aims to reduce gas fee spikes and fix the chain reorganization problem. This hard fork is a crucial step in the development of the Polygon network.

In conclusion, the partnership between Polygon and Xternity, and the migration of Synergy Land to the Polygon network, is a significant development in the Web3 gaming industry. The upcoming hard fork on the Polygon network is also an important step forward in the development of the network. With such positive developments, the future is looking bright for the development of web3 gaming.

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