What are Digital Marketing Salaries in Dubai?

The digital marketing experts are looking at a tremendous growth curve ahead. With the meteoric rise in demand for various skills in the field, the future seems bright for these market influencers. An analysis of the statistics in the Dubai market gives a great insight into the current state of affairs and the future of digital marketers.

According to a detailed survey conducted by salaryexplorer, a digital marketing professional at a managerial level will earn approximately 330,000 AED per annum, which comes to 7,000,000 INR or 90,000 USD. To be more specific, a Digital Marketing Manager will have a yearly package ranging between 180,000 AED & 500,000 AED. 


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Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai for Top Roles 

As you go up in the hierarchy in Dubai, the salary increase is quite significant. The phenomenal rise in salary manifests owing to much bigger bonuses to quite an extent. Also, the rewards become more frequent. 

The top roles in the field of digital marketing include Social Media Specialist or Manager, Marketing Specialist or Manager, Content Creator or Manager, etc. The various skills of value in Dubai include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics & Designing, Content Marketing, etc.

The two most important factors that affect the salary package one gets in Dubai in the field of digital marketing are education and experience.

Variation in Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai Due to Academic Qualification

As mentioned before, the most crucial factor that affects your employability in digital marketing senior positions in Dubai is, quite obviously, your skillset. You need to have qualifications that prove beyond doubt that you are qualified to handle the responsibility.

Let’s examine how digital marketing salary in Dubai varies with qualification. 


Average Salary in Dubai

%age hike

High School

250,000 AED


290,000 AED



370,000 AED



450,000 AED


Credits – Salary Explorer  

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Salaries in Digital Marketing concerning Experience

Experience is the single most crucial factor that brings about a significant difference in digital marketing salary Dubai.

According to the same salaryexplorer.com survey, if you have been a Digital Marketing Manager for less than two years, you can hope to get a package near 200,000 AED p.a. 


Average Salary in Dubai

˂ 2 years

200,000 AED

2 – 5 years

260,000 AED

5 – 10 years

360,000 AED

10 – 15 years

400,000 AED

15 – 20 years

460,000 AED

˃ 20 years

480,000 AED

Credit – Salary Explorer 

On comparing the hike in salary with respect to experience in other fields, we find that when your experience jumps from less than two years to 2 – 5 years, there is a hike of 32%, which goes up to 36% when your expertise falls in the range of 5 – 10 years. The hike becomes 21% & 14% when you reach 10 – 15 years and 15 – 20 years, respectively. Finally, there is a hike of 9% when the experience crosses 20 years.

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If we compare the salary hike with the increase in the amount of experience, we see that the hike in the last 15 years of service is more in the field of digital marketing. We can safely conclude that the more experience you get in the latter area, your salary growth becomes better than the average of all other professions. 

However, we must also note that in the initial years, the growth in remuneration is comparatively sluggish in the field of digital marketing. If you consider the average salary hike with respect to experience in other jobs, you will see that the initial growth in digital marketing salary Dubai is slow. The more experience you gain, the bigger your CTC gets.

But who wants to wait? To enter this money train now, you will need a qualification that proves to your potential employer that your skill-set compensates for what you may lack in your experience.

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