Ukrainian Pharmacy Chain to Accept Crypto Payments via Binance Pay

As of Tuesday, Ukrainian pharmacy chain ANC is now accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option through Binance Pay, making it the first pharmacy chain in Europe to offer this feature. The new payment method will be available both online and in-store, and customers will be able to use a variety of cryptocurrencies to purchase medicines and other items. This move by ANC comes as the company looks to expand its payment options and make it easier for customers to make purchases.

Pharmacy in Ukraine allows Ukrainians to Pay in Crypto

In an official statement, the famous medicine chain ANC declared:

From Jan. 3, you will be able to enjoy instant payments when purchasing pharmacy products. It will be possible to pay for orders with cryptocurrency on!

ANC claims to be the first pharmacy chain in Europe to offer this option. Transactions will be processed through Binance Pay, a payment system developed by the world’s largest digital asset exchange, which allows users to spend, send, and receive over 70 digital currencies.

To use this service, customers will need to download and install the Binance app, go to the ANC website, place an order, and pay using Binance Pay. They can then either receive their products or pick them up at any ANC store. ANC operates a network of pharmacies under its own brand name, as well as several other Ukrainian chains including Blagodiya, Kopiyka, and [email protected] The company has stores in more than 130 Ukrainian cities, serving over 7 million customers annually. This crypto payment option is initially available in the capital city of Kyiv.

Ukraine’s Crypto Adoption in the Recent Past

Over the past few years, Ukraine has emerged as a leader in cryptocurrency adoption in the region. The country has faced an invasion by Russia, and in response, its government and volunteer organizations have turned to accepting cryptocurrency donations to fund defense and humanitarian efforts, which have been supported by the industry.

Binance Pay has been used by Ukrainian businesses to enable cryptocurrency payments, and in September, the Ukrainian supermarket chain Varus, with over 100 stores in the country, integrated the payment system to allow customers in various cities, including Kyiv, Dnipro, and Zaporizhzhia, to pay for groceries with cryptocurrency.

In August, Ukrainian tech stores Tehnoezh and Stylus also began accepting cryptocurrency payments through Whitepay, a payment platform developed by the European cryptocurrency exchange Whitebit, which has Ukrainian roots



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