The symbol ₮ is being proposed as the official currency symbol for TRON

In his most recent tweet, Tron and Huobi Global Founder, H.E Justin Sun announced that his team are proposing the use of the symbol ₮ as the official currency symbol of $TRX.

Reasons for opting for the proposed symbol

H.E Justin Sun in his series of tweets has given a handful of reasons on his proposal. The main reason highlighted is the distinctiveness and ease of identity. Here are all the reasons given by the TRON founder for the latest proposal to change the symbol of TRON from TRX to :

  • The symbol is simple to type and can easily be incorporated into digital platforms and software, which will lead to seamless integration and usage. This will have a positive impact on individuals and businesses that conduct online transactions using TRX, and will enhance the overall usability of the TRX currency.
  • An important benefit of using ₮ as a symbol is that it is easily recognizable and can be distinguished from other currency symbols. This feature is particularly significant in the digital world, where multiple currencies exist, and it can be challenging to differentiate one from the other.
  • Adopting ₮ as the official symbol for TRX will prevent confusion and mistakes, and make it simpler for people to comprehend the value of TRX quickly.
  • Additionally, using a distinct symbol like ₮ can make TRX more appealing to the general public. It can be used as a way to promote the digital currency and its benefits, making it more widely accepted and adopted.

This news in comes after the FUD that surrounded Huobi Global recently

Last week, H.E Justin Sun had to come out clean after various kind of allegations in the media along with internal friction among his colleagues. Huobi Global had announced a series of lay-offs over the past few months. That along with major withdrawals from the exchange and a sudden drop in the price of Huobi token had created uncertainty among the exchange’s users. Although H.E Justin Sun came out with tweets re-assuring the users about the security standards of Huobi, highlighting its glorious past.

You can read the full details about about these incidents here – Huobi faces uncertainty amid rumours of layoffs and communication blackout

Although since then, markets experienced a mini pump and negative sentiments have been subdued, at least for the time being. Let us hope these are silver linings and things will become better from here on

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