Shihtzu Exchange Universe Introducing SBONE for the Metaverse Finance!

This new Shihtzu Bone portal will be up and running in the next coming days, and in order for users to begin the process of locking their assets. Once this Free giveaway process is completed, the Sbone Pre-sale event should begin start shortly after the free giveaway ends. This is officially your last call before the first phase and events engaging with the Shihtzu Exchange universe.

This will be no different for our Universe, as we will be introducing the first special role that Shihtzu Bone $SBONE will play in Metaverse Finance. By welcoming a mechanic to burn $SBONE independently, while renaming your STZU token, furthermore, this should start soon after SBONE Pre-sale events and public sales have ended.

Also, Shihtzu Exchange Utility meets #STZUIDENDITY and can reward STZU token holders with a good way to earn SBONE tokens, which is set to make such an exciting impact in the world of Shihtzu Exchange Metaverse Finance Universe.

So let’s Stay tuned to what will happen next, we’re ready to shock everyone with new features and ways to implant $SBONE in areas that are set to bring sustained new heights to the digital asset world.

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