Learn Executive Leadership Principles With MIT xPRO

MIT xPRO invites you to learn how to reach your highest potential and take on leadership roles in your organization. In this one-hour webinar, find out how the Executive Leadership Principles Program will equip you with high-level leadership skills in just four months.

Explore the Leadership Skills You Will Gain

Find out how to apply new leadership skills in your enterprise and your career. You’ll hear about:

  • Organizational strategies and capabilities
  • Negotiating and applying influence and power 
  • Navigating and leveraging culture and networks
  • Discovering and implementing your leadership strengths

Get Your Questions Answered by a MIT xPRO Executive

Join a MIT xPRO program executive who will help you understand how to bring ML knowledge and expertise to your organization. Discover the advantages of an executive education program in AI for business, engineering, and science. Participate in the Q&A session with the faculty member at the end of the event.

We’re expecting a big turnout for this event, and we have limited seats available. 

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