Learn About the Purdue Digital Marketing Bootcamp

In our increasingly online world, sales and marketing has shifted into the digital domain. In one hour, you’ll learn about a top-ranked program for digital marketers: the Purdue University Digital Marketing Bootcamp.


Discover What Makes This Bootcamp Your Ticket to Success 

Find out about the:

  • Skills, tools, and platforms you’ll learn
  • Career options available to digital marketers
  • Advantages of learning with a world-leading university

Explore Our Learning Management System

Expert instructor Bernadette Chambers will show you:

  • How you’ll access courses, live classes, labs, and videos
  • Tips for navigating the bootcamp curriculum 
  • 24/7 tools to get your questions answered right when you ask them from instructors, learning assistants, and your peers

Projects to Build Your Personal Portfolio

  • See how to perfect your skills through our integrated virtual workbench
  • Discover the list of projects that demonstrate your skills in each course
  • Learn about the Capstone project to prove your complete digital marketing mastery

Exclusive Job Assist Services Help Launch Your Career

The bootcamp’s benefits continue beyond the certificate:

  • Resume building & interview prep and practice
  • Premium and confidential job board access
  • Projects to build your portfolio & webinars to build your skills

Get Your Questions Answered by Our Expert Instructor

Bernadette Chambers 

  • Founder, The Socialite Hive
  • Social media marketing consultant 
  • Internationally recognized Digital Marketing Trainer
  • 11+ years in sales, marketing, and customer service with 9 years in digital marketing dynamics

Sign up now and find out how this Bootcamp will accelerate your digital marketing career!

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