Learn About the Online MBA with University of New Haven

A Masters of Business Administration degree has long been regarded as entry to a management career’s fast track. Today, it’s crucial to earn an MBA that prepares you for the digital economy and an international business environment. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the online MBA program with the University of New Haven.

Discover Your Path to Management Success 

Find out about the:

  • Career options available to MBA degree holders
  • The program curriculum
  • Advantages of learning with a world-leading university, including optional campus immersion

Explore Our Learning Management System

We will show you:

  • How you’ll access courses, live classes, labs, and videos
  • Tips for navigating the program curriculum 
  • 24/7 tools to get your questions answered right when you ask them from instructors, learning assistants, and your peers

Join this session to find out how the University of New Haven will help you drive your career forward.

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