Justin Sun announces new programs to renew public faith in Huobi


  • Justin Sun has announced a new set of user experience programs for Huobi Global.
  • The programs are aimed at securing the public’s trust following a liquidity scare last week. 

Concerns surrounding Huobi Global have grown over the past few weeks. The recent decisions made by the crypto exchange have been deemed controversial, and have raised eyebrows in the crypto community.

Tron founder Justin Sun, who is rumored to have acquired Huobi, took to Twitter earlier on 9 January to announce a new set of programs for the crypto exchange. 

Huobi’s bounty program and advisory committee

Justin Sun, who is a member of Huobi’s Global Advisory Board, has announced the launch of the Huobi User Experience Bounty Program and the User Experience Advisory Committee.

“This weekend, I reflected deeply. In the past, @HuobiGlobal s work and communication methods did not go well enough. The community and opinion leaders KOL’s criticisms and suggestions for me and Huobi were very pertinent,” Sun tweeted. 

As per the User Experience Bounty Program, users who provide suggestions that lead to the improvement of the platform will be rewarded. Huobi’s team will evaluate the criticisms and suggestions provided and give gift packages and bounties to the ones who adopt the implementation. 

The User Experience Advisory Committee will invite key opinion leaders (KOL) and experienced members of the industry to serve as a consultant on the committee. The members will have the opportunity to experience Huobi products firsthand, interact with the staff and supervise the transparency at the exchange. 

Mounting concerns about Huobi’s finances

The liquidity scare witnessed in Huobi last week led to widespread concerns about the exchange’s finances.

This prompted Justin Sun to transfer over $100 million worth of stablecoins into the exchange. The announcement of these programs is aimed at renewing the public’s trust in the exchange at a time when the industry is suffering from a general lack of trust in centralized exchanges. 

Sun has assured the Huobi community that he and his team will continue to optimize the platform and improve the user experience. The crypto investor acknowledged that the trust of the users will have to be gained through actions one step at a time. 

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