“I Want To Wake Up The Sleeping Lions”

At the Unconfiscatable Conference in Las Vegas, Leon Siegmund of BitcoinNews interviewed Mark Moss, host of the Mark Moss show and Bitcoin educator.

Bitcoin News interviews Mark Moss at Unconfiscatable

A YouTuber, investor, Bitcoin Maximalist with years of real-life experiences making millions of dollars from starting and exiting successful businesses, Mark Moss is one of the most active bitcoin educators alive.

His YouTube video content focuses on BTC’s macroeconomic and geopolitical topics, and why it is the future of money and the solution to many of our world’s problems.

“I am not here to wake up the sheep, but rather to wake up the sleeping lions”  

“I am not here to wake up the sheep, but rather to wake up the sleeping lions” says Mark, referring to his target audience. He believes a selective-adoption of people who will push Bitcoin forward is the key to unlocking overall adoption.Though mass-adoption is of course the overall goal.

But where does Mark take his motivation to be so engaged in the Bitcoin community? He shares how his motivation came to him after the 2008 financial crisis that wiped him out as real estate collapsed all over the U.S.

 “I was super-motivated to go figure out what this whole financial casino was about”  

– Mark Moss


The Housing Market, A Painful Lesson

Leon: How did you lose that money?

Mark: Housing prices dropped 60% in 12 months. That’s like 60% of all the stuff we have created as humans disappearing right before our eyes! And I learned that my wealth had been transferred to somebody else. 

Leon (chuckles): Yeah the money isn’t gone. It’s just in someone else’s pocket. 

Mark: Exactly right.


The interview then explored the strategy of Mark’s YouTube podcasts.

Leon: Do you see yourself as an educator, a leader or a personality in the Bitcoin space?

Mark: Well, there are a bunch of roles. You could be the reporter, the crusader, the expert or the teacher. With Bitcoin, we now have a way to win. Because I am here to change the way you think about money.

In the beginning, it was just Bitcoin-rocks! But then I started putting my own personal story into the videos.

For Freedom Or Dystopia

Mark’s primary mission is to raise awareness around the problems of the financial system: “Things are going to get worse before they get better…buckle up.”

But he also wants to show people a solution: “There is massive hope and prosperity on the other side. But there is a lot of uncertainty about how to get there.”

For Moss, the solution is asset protection and diversification: “The way to beat uncertainty is with optionality. Money sits at the base of that. So you need to have money (Bitcoin).”

Why You Need To Build A Network

Mark advises the audience to cultivate proof-of-work social networks with other people, which might turn into financial opportunities when you least expect it.

“If you wouldn’t put all your money into one stock, why put all your life into one country?”

– Mark Moss

Key takeaways:

  1. Get international friends.
  2. Cultivate social networks beyond the borders of your comfort zone.
  3. Spend less time on social media focus on actual community building.
  4. Lift a load from somebody’s else’s shoulders. Despite your own burdens.

Mark’s Favourite Book

Leon: What are your favourite Bitcoin books?

Mark: The Bitcoin Standard.

(Indeed). I’d say that is probably the most important book.

The Road To Mass Adoption Of Bitcoin

Mark: “I remember the time my roommate quit his job, and we were day-trading internet stocks. We also went around trying to sell online-advertising deals, but people laughed at us. They said nobody would ever want to buy anything online. And what were Internet stocks again?”

Now, people buy many billions of dollars-worth of stuff online every day and internet stocks are just called stocks.

We have Bitcoin Twitter (BT) and it’s like this niche thing, but Bitcoin is the soundest money ever and one day people will say “Bitcoin” the way they now say “Dollar”.

BTC will make governments honest, because people in government will buy BTC.

The UnCommunist Manifesto

Besides YouTube content, Mark also published books in order to spread education.

Mark: “We wrote a book with Aleks Svetski called The UnCommunist Manifesto.

We kept the same format of the Communist Manifesto, but we think Karl Marx was wrong about the struggle of the classes between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. 

We think the struggle is between the individual and the collectivist groups trying to lure the individual in.

The individual wants to be as sovereign as possible. But the groups keep telling them they cannot. That they need to form cogs in the giant wheel of the group in order to be happy, healthy and financially powerful.”

That they need to turn into hyper-specialized worker bees to find meaning, purpose and maximum utility in life. Focused and busy working in their cubicles, they do not need to own anything, but will be happy.

The Race For Bitcoin Adoption

Leon: Why do you do all this?

Mark: “Here is the thing. It’s a race. This is the war. The race is, can they get their Chinese Credit Score system installed, before enough people wake up and revolt against them?”

Which one comes first?

“And so I work with a sense of urgency. I see this as a war of information, and we need to put out as many hours of content every week as we can so that we can win as many people as quickly as we can to the freedom world view.”

Thank you Mark for your time and your effort to educate people about Freedom.

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