Gujarati Movie Lakiro To Launch its Official NFT on wowTalkies

Shu Tame Taiyar Cho? For all the Gujarati movie fans counting the days for the upcoming Raunaq Kamdar, Deeksha Joshi, Netri Trivedi, and Shivani Joshi starrer Lakiro, can now take their excitement to the next level? Why? Because the movie is all set to take you inside the metaverse with the release of its NFT for its dedicated fan community on wowTalkies. 

If you’ve already entered the Lakiro hype, we’re sure the trailer and songs of the captivating movie have already grabbed your interest. But the fun doesn’t just end there! WowTalkies is gearing up to provide Lakiro fans with the most incredible experience yet with the upcoming Lakiro NFTs. Within the wowTalkies ecosystem, the site features a dedicated community space for all things Lakiro for the whole Lakiro fandom.


What’s More? 

You may get your favorite Lakiro NFTs here and start building your fan-based NFT collection. This feature will significantly improve your fan experience. You may now quickly establish personalized NFT collections and gain access to the rare digital artwork.

Furthermore, to ensure collectors have up-to-date information about what is available, the wowTalkies home page provides a complete summary of all of Lakiro’s offerings.

So for all the fans counting the days for the NFT mint, you can directly access the NFTS at on the launch date without waiting for long. This page will guide you through the process of creating or curating collections.

How Can You Purchase Lakiro NFTs on wowTalkies?

  • To begin, go to to access the NFT marketplace.
  • Integrate your wallet with the marketplace.
  • The button to connect your wallet will take you to Metamask. Click “connect” after selecting Metamask.

Lakiro Overview:

The upcoming hyped Gujarati movie story revolves around Richa and Hrishi, who marry after falling in love. Like most working couples, their careers gradually began to divide them. Things deteriorated to the point where they decided to divorce. Do they rekindle their romance after drifting apart, or is it the end of their true love?

What is wowTalkies?

wowTalkies is a fan engagement platform that is designed specifically for movie fans. Fans can participate in communities, amass memorabilia, and elevate themselves to the status of SUPER FANS by using wowTalkies. wowTalkies stands out among other platforms for fan involvement because it offers cutting-edge augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and deep tech-led utilities on and with the collectibles gained. 

wowTalkies provides users with a one-of-a-kind experience that completely submerges them in the realm of the film via the use of specialized tools and engaging pursuits. In addition, celebrities, production houses, and artists can all join wowTalkies to assist in speeding the journeys of fans toward super FANDOM by selecting material, building exclusive fan communities, and offering new collectibles. This can be done by partnering with wowTalkies. wowTalkies is ushering in a new era of innovation in online entertainment experiences.

Important Date to Remember: The launch of the mint is scheduled on the 6th of January 2023 at 12 noon IST.

In The End:

Get ready to be a part of an exclusive Gujarati fan community with wowTalkies that takes you inside the Web3 metaverse.

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