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Certified Scrum Master: This certification is offered by the Scrum Alliance, one of the top institutions offering certifications and coaching services for Scrum Master aspirants. In addition to the general Scrum Master certification, it offers guidance for professionals involved in the job roles of product owners and developers.

  • Mode of Learning: Both online and live classes are available

  • Curriculum involves: Hands-on scrum and sprint planning skills, knowledge of the servant leadership concept, teaches how to ensure optimal team performance, conflict and problem resolution, and an overview of the Scrum framework.

  • Cost: Between $450 and $1000

  • Basic Requirements: A minimum of 14-hour training and passing the exam

Certified Scrum Product Owner: This certification is again offered by The Scrum Alliance, which certifies your knowledge and expertise in being a product owner.

  • Mode of Learning: Both online and live classes are available

  • Curriculum involves: Framework, principles, and values that make Scrum work, along with the essential skills and tools required for becoming an effective Scrum Product Owner. Additionally, the course will teach you how to cater to the needs of various stakeholders, obtain hands-on training, develop a product vision and new ways to know your customers better, and develop products that best suit their needs.

  • Cost: Between $299 to $1000

  • Basic Requirements: Taking up a Scrum Alliance-approved CSPO course

Professional Scrum Master: Alternatively known as PSM I, Professional Scrum Master is one of the top Scrum certifications provided by Scrum.org. This certification allows you to get certified for your knowledge of the Scrum framework and its applications. This certification primarily helps you demonstrate your basic knowledge of Scrum Mastery.

  • Mode of Learning: The assessment can be taken online with and without a preparatory course.

  • Curriculum involves: Basic knowledge of Scrum framework and methods to apply it, forming self-managing teams with leadership styles, predicting and releasing planning, ensuring continuous quality, integration, and delivery while managing technical risk, organizational design, and culture based on evidence-based management.

  • Cost: $150

  • Basic Requirements: You will be required to pass the PSM I test for obtaining the certification.  

Certified Scrum Professional: Designed by Scrum Alliance, the ‘Certified Scrum Professional’ certification validates your skills and knowledge for enhancing how Scrum and Agile principles are implemented.

  • Mode of Learning: The assessment can be taken via online mode.

  • Curriculum involves: Agile facilitation, coaching skills, and progressive techniques in service to the Product Owner and the Development Team.

  • Cost: The application fee is $100, plus a $150 certification fee

  • Basic Requirements: For pursuing this certification, you will need to have an Advanced Certified ScrumMasterSM (A-CSMSM) certification with the Scrum Alliance

SAFe Scrum Master: This certification is offered by Scaled Agile, the organization which monitors the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The certification is best suited for professionals looking for knowledge of Agile, Lean, or DevOps concepts and their implementation on a large scale.

  • Mode of Learning: The course is offered online and offline, while the exam takes place online.

  • Curriculum involves: Introductory knowledge of Scrum for SAFe enterprises, information about Scrum Master role, program increment planning according to Agile principles, Iteration execution, ways of coaching the team, and facilitating Scrum events.

  • Cost: The certification exam will cost you $295.

  • Basic Requirements: Taking a 2-day course recognized by Scaled Agile

Professional Scrum Product Owner I: This certification is administered by Scrum.org and recognizes your potential to enhance the worth of a product created by the development team. The certification primarily examines your understanding of the Product Owner Learning Path as designed by Scrum.org and your ability to interpret and implement the Scrum Guide.

  • Mode of Learning: Both online and offline, and the exam takes place via online mode.

  • Curriculum involves: Introduction to the Scrum framework with a special focus on product owners.

  • Cost: The exam costs $200.

  • Basic Requirements: One only needs to pass the exam. No course is required to take the exam; however, it is highly recommended.

Certified Scrum Developer: This certification is designed specifically for product developers in Scrum environments. Upon completing your course for Certified Scrum Developer, you will gain profound knowledge of Agile and Scrum in the context of product development.

  • Mode of Learning: Both online and offline; however, the exam is conducted online.

  • Curriculum involves:  Knowledge of Scrum and agile principles, specialized Agile engineering skills, and knowledge of essential tools and techniques required to build good products iteratively and incrementally that Scrum requires.

  • Cost: Around $1000

Basic Requirements: A 2-day Scrum Alliance-approved CSD course.

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