Cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask implements Ethereum staking function

MetaMask supports ETH staking
MetaMask, a self-managed wallet for crypto assets (virtual currency), released a staking function for Ethereum (ETH) on the 13th. Support liquid staking on Lido and Rocket Pool.
Liquid staking is a DeFi (decentralized finance) mechanism that allows you to operate alternative assets (staking proof tokens) while receiving cryptocurrency staking interest. If you stake Ethereum (ETH) with Lido and Rocket Pool, you will receive “stETH, rETH”, which can be used as collateral for lending or operated on DEX (distributed exchange).
If you set up your own node and stake Ethereum, a minimum stake of 32 ETH is required, and there is a restriction that the staked ETH cannot be withdrawn until the update “shanghai” scheduled to be implemented in March 23.
Liquid staking, which can bypass these restrictions, is gaining support from investors, accounting for 42.54% of the total staking volume on Ethereum (consensus layer) (DUNE survey). Among them, Lido is the top market share (65.8%) and Rocket Pool is the third (3.1%) decentralized liquid staking provider.
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How to use MetaMask staking

We are extremely happy to announce that you can now stake ETH with Lido or Rocket Pool through the Portfolio Dapp
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