Closing a Resume Gap by Upskilling in Data Science

As documented by Anand Jha.

A family emergency forced me to quit my job and leave my career in banking. When I started looking for work again two years later, it wasn’t easy.  I decided to upskill during my extended job search. My interest and previous knowledge of programming, along with my solid understanding of mathematical and statistical concepts, led me to choose Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Data Science.

I wanted to build a strong skill set in data science since it is a promising field in a high-growth, high-paying discipline. Professionals who gain expertise in data science and data analysis also find opportunities across just about every industry, making it an even more appealing field.

I chose Simplilearn because the reviews that I saw were simply great! I read and listened to so many Simplilearn alumni who said that they were very happy with the platform and that they saw very positive results after completing the course.

I knew that upskilling is an effective strategy for closing a resume gap. After an extended time out of work, my resume gap was a barrier that kept me from quickly getting a new job. I figured that I needed to upskill so that I had a stronger portfolio that would enable me to be successful in my job search.

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