Bytekode Onboarding Alpha Users to Make the Blockchain Easy as ABC

Bytekode is on a mission to make the blockchain understandable to everyone. Web3 is poised to onboard trillions of dollars of value and be the next explosive growth sector in our modern information age. However, it has a core problem – it’s hard to understand. Experts are still figuring out the details, and retail users often just accept what they’re told and hope for the best. That’s not what blockchain is about. Web3 is about transparency, communication, security, and everyone being in-the-know through recordable, public, distributed ledgers.


What is Bytekode?

Bytekode turns smart contract code into easy to read bitesize chunks, and tells everyone exactly what’s written there. It makes those ledgers easy to understand. It opens up the world of web3 to the everyman and everywoman. The translation is hard-coded, and is not editable by dapp developers, smart contract coders, validators, or Bytekode itself. It provides a secure, direct translation of what the blockchain is doing.

Now Bytekode is onboarding its first wave of dapp developers who want to take advantage of this to implant an immediate UI representation of what their smart contracts are doing for their users, with no need for graphical updates or any other changes, interference or control of their existing codebase. Dapp developers don’t have to worry about explaining what their smart contract does, their users can simply see it for themselves.

Boosting Adoption Through Understanding

It promises to contribute to a huge boost in the adoption of more fledgling apps who have great fundamentals but haven’t yet figured out how to present their offering to users. Bytekode does the basics for them. It also allows education for the end-user, as they can, over time, absorb what different smart contracts do as they tinker with new web3 applications. It holds the users hands and gives them a basic underpinning to fall back on. Yes, a developer can build their own GUI and explain what the contracts do in their own terms, but a user will always have Bytekode to fall back on.

Bytekode also helps with security too. Dapp developers can’t use Bytekode to misrepresent what’s in their smart contracts. Bytekode reads the smart contract directly and outputs the results in plaintext script that anyone can read. Bytekode will act as assurance that what will happen is exactly what the smart contract is already programmed to do.

The Benefits for Retail and Mass Adoption

The benefits for end users are legion. Long transaction hashes are not the way forward to drive wide scale adoption. End users want simple, readable messages for everything they do. They do not want to use clunky block explorers and panic over every digit in a transaction id or hash when they use the blockchain.

What is done should be output clearly and sent to the user in a simple fashion where they can make judgments for themselves. We don’t ask the bank to just send us the swift/iban code of every transaction we make and the account numbers and let us figure it out for ourselves.

This is, of course, obvious. Every app in the whole world does this in some way or another, converting complex behind the scenes system operations into easy-to-read notifications that’s easy for us to read. With blockchain, however, work still needs to be done. This is because you can’t just trust a centralised company or service to write blockchain descriptions for you.

You need what is output in plaintext to the end user to be a result of the immutable, open-source code that everyone checks and secures so that nothing can be in doubt. That is the dream of the blockchain, and that is the dream of Bytekode – to make it so everyone can understand what is happening on-chain, and create a transparent, fertile environment of open-source innovation in the spirit of shared achievement and honest community.

To join that dream, you can join the Bytekode alpha over at their website. If you’re a dapp developer or just passionate about Bytekode’s mission and watch to help playtest the and read through the plaintext they’ve created for the blockchain and help refine it, you can sign up for the Alpha now.

Bytekode has huge future expansion plans that centre around the core idea of reading the blockchain for everyone. Crypto is fantastic because it is – despite what naysayers will have you believe – completely transparent. The issue is it takes an expert eye to sort through reams of data on block explorers, compile and track it usefully, then get any findings from it. It’s because block explorers are far too arcane for the general public, and even people who know what they’re doing find it laborious

Building a Block Explorer for Novices

Bytekode will build a block explorer network through its partner dapps that allows for simple, naturalistic web2-esque exploration of different blockchains, as well as launching their own block explorer that utilises the technology they are building.

The goal would be to give every member of the general public the same ability and skill to go through blockchain transactions and ‘follow the money’ as if they were an expert, and increase education and learning about crypto as a whole. This will drive adoption in crypto as Bytekode breaks down the key problem: it’s currently too hard to understand.

Join the ByteKode Alpha

Bytekode has already built plenty of partnerships and is now ready to get the first users in. The Bytekode website has all the details about the Alpha. You’ve read this far in (mostly) plain English, now are you ready to read the blockchain with Bytekode?

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